American Chuck Wagon

American Chuck Wagon

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


You can send us your photo's of Chuck Wagons in use at any Competition. We will be happy to post your recipes, pictures and story. Our sight is for the educational purpose of American History as Cowboys worked the trail drives. Where Chuck wagons were the mobile kitchen and supply wagon which enabled caring for the crews which moved the herds to market. We would like to express our appreciation to the Troy, Texas chamber of commerce for their assistance along with the King Ranch keeping the history of Texas and this great nation alive. You can reach us at an again, thank you for those who have selected to post comments, following us and assisted in providing this information for you. 

History of the Chuck Wagon 


Competition Chuck Wagon Cooking:

Chuckwagon Competition: Troy, TEXAS 

Pikes Peak or Bust Chuck Wagon Cook-Off Colorado Springs, Co 

"He Paid your Fees" Chuck Wagon Cook-Off Hartford, South Dakota 

Chandler, Arizona Chuck Wagon Cook-Off 

Georgetown, Texas "Up the Chisholm Trail" Chuck Wagon Cook-Off 

Bobby Flay vs Kent Rollins in THROW-DOWN  

Spirit of the West, Ellensburg, Washington 

Booby Flay Throw-Down with Kent Rollins                            


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  1. Roger,
    Thank you for taking the time to research all that you did to tell the story of the Chuck Wagon. I am new to dutch oven cooking but have long marveled in those who treked across our great country either looking for a new place to start anew or those who moved cattle from point A to point B. As you pointed out, it's not like they could stop at the local IHOP and get some flapjacks and coffee. Someone (Cookie) had to go ahead, set up camp and git-r-done.
    Thanks again and happy trails.

    Greg in Colorado